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I am a technology-freak. I'm always running out of time because life is just to interesting. To minimize the time that this site takes of my creative spare timeI changed the portfolio-part from a static system to a database-driven one. All the photo-related info is pulled from a database and prepared for publishing on-line.

database: mysql

A reliable and fast database which is free. The decision to take this database was taken at the beginning - right now I would prefer postgreSQL, as mysql is not atomic and does not provide transactions in a proper way. In the early days this was not a problem but has become one. But the positive side is that mysql is really fast compared to all the database that provide all the fance stuff. Only recently they changed the locking-logic - as they used table locking before. This is really bad for the performance if read and write access occur at the same time.

server-side include: php

Php provides fast publishing of data from a database. As it is a server-side script, it is absolutely http-client and os-independent. The disadvantage is the load that has to be handled on the server-side. With version 4 the also properly support classes and objects. This makes developing more clear and easy to maintain. But as right now there are plenty of database access there is a performance issue.

If this site would be developed from scratch, java servlets and jsp would be used instead of php.

web-server: apache

Standard web-server on linux-boxes!


As an administrative database client mysqlAdmin is used. This is a rather simple web-based client to maintain the database.

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